october days

The hush comes with the deepening of Autumn; but it comes gradually. Our ears are attuned to it, day by quieter day. ~Hal Borland

It is no secret that Autumn is my favourite season, although others run a close second. The buying of pumpkins has begun, cozy scarves are used daily, and the leaves bring a smile to my face. Lately, I've been reading essays by Nora Ephron which are endearing, funny, and highly satisfying. What have you been reading these days?

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  1. I really like this photograph, Alexandria.

    I'm finishing a novel I don't love and rereading a book of poems I just sent my niece, "I Was the Jukebox". So much on my nightstand... I think I'll dip into either "Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman" or "Bobcat and Other Stories" next.

    1. I am always up for poetry. This book is new to me and I have put it on my list at the library. Thank you! The other two you mentioned sound so good. It looks like you won't be disappointed.

  2. This is a beautifully nostalgic autumnal shot!
    Autumn is one of my favourite seasons too, I just wish it would last a little longer and it wouldn't get so dark as it does here in Helsinki. The colours are worth it though!

  3. So, so gorgeous. I love Autumn so much and you capture it well :)
    Lucy xo | We Resolve Blog

  4. When i'm not working i'm cleaning or organizing laundry for the guest house,i have a pile of books and magazines to read since June :/
    Lovely picture,Alexandria!

  5. oh, fog + trees + grey skies + tea + crunchy leaves = perfection. (though i'm more of a winter-lover myself, i have a soft spot for autumn.)

    i'm currently reading yarrow (charles de lint) and winter: five windows on a season (adam gopnik). i'm wishing i hadn't packed away quite so many of my books when i moved...

  6. Fall is my favorite season too! I have been reading lately world war Z... i loved the movie and the book is even better!

  7. Post cards are important for expressing our thoughts.

  8. I have finished the half of "Pride and Prejudice". haha

  9. This is a beautiful quote--thank you for sharing, I had never heard it before. Funnily enough, I have been reading Nora Ephron's essays this month too--started with "I Feel Bad About My Neck". :)

  10. wonderful visual language