tree symmetry

Trees're always a relief...
~David Mitchell

Lately, I've been pondering over random, happenstance conversations with a stranger. I like that it can occur so naturally from a hello said or a question asked which sometimes leads to sharing an idea or story. With the everyday navigation of routines, I believe it's terrible easy to miss out at times. For the next few weeks, I'm consciously going to try to pause a little more often, be brave by saying hello, and keep my ears and mind open. Perhaps by listening a little more, I'll be lucky enough to learn something new, reflect on the familiar, make a connection, or simply enjoy the magic of words from another.

camera: hasselblad 501c


  1. Thought provoking words here, Alexandria. Lovely photograph too.

  2. I love tree pictures
    and I understand your words
    it´s the same with me
    a wonderful day for you

  3. sounds like a great idea. everyday navigation of routines - that's really a big part of the problem, isn't it?

  4. lovely post.

    ps: i wish you titled the post 'symmetree" hahaha

  5. Sometimes, the smallest change can lead to magnificent discoveries!

  6. Great thoughts here. I am trying this year to be a little more confident and to reach out more. So... hello! Your blog makes me so happy, truly.

  7. I love your tree symmetry.

    And it's amazing what a simple 'hello' can lead to sometimes.

  8. This is something I'd like to do more as well but being an introvert at heart I find it really challenging. Hopefully being more aware of it might help a little. Thanks for the inspiration :-)

  9. Yes it's the random things in life that give richness to one's day to day. My favourite random conversation was last year with a woman in a cafe about here dog - it still makes me smile. Some days it feels like an effort, but taking the time to connect is worth it - thanks for the reminder. Annie x ps: I love how you find the beauty in the simple things around us.

  10. i agree - its discovering the beauty in the simple things around us. and while that conversation may add something to you, like learning something new or finding a connection, sometimes you have no idea how lovely it is for the other person too. working in retail it is always so touching when a customer takes the time&effort to smile to me or make conversation - these are the subtle reminders that not all of the human race have turned into shallow, selfish, egotistical people. i'm a firm believer that smiles are infectious :) *soph