randoms & eggs

This past week, upon taking an apple crisp out of the oven, it was nearly lunchtime. For some wild reason, a poached egg came to mind and I thought "Okay, let's try this finally!" After finding how to poach an egg on smitten kitchen and reading through the directions, I rolled up my sleeves to try my first poached egg ever. Patiently executing all the steps necessary, it was a relief to see the egg work it's magic. I say magic because tasting it was mesmerizing and that mmmm sound came of my mouth from satisfaction. It really is true that it tastes similar to cheese!  J. was pretty encouraging and so a second poached egg was made as well... For dinner we had the same. Having waited so long to try this way of cooking an egg, it feels so silly. Isn't it funny how these things work sometimes? If you haven't tried a poached egg or that one recipe you keep meaning to make, I hope you do it soon.

3 Good Things Lately:
~Walks one & two by Kristina of No Penny for Them
~Wind Map of the United States
~A Conversation with Tamar Adler by Elissa Altman of Poor Man's Feast

camera: polaroid mio


  1. a friend of mine makes them all the time, but I have never tried. I somehow didn't trust them... I might give it a try, tho, one day...

  2. Poached eggs are wonderful but tricksy- this is the way a friend taught me to make them, am inspired now to make some for teatime! :)

  3. Do you know that I have never poached an egg before in my life? Does it really taste like cheese? How bizarre!
    Your photos are beautiful as always.
    Ronnie xo

  4. Oh I must try now! It was a similar experience with devilled eggs for me & I LOVED them.
    As always I love the dreamy quality of your photos. I use my instax as a toy mostly, I really must try using it more.

  5. Oh this has made me feel like a poached egg for lunch - there is a certain comfort in the soft, gooey, goodness of a perfectly poached egg on a slice of lightly buttered toast. I confess to being slightly intrigued that you'd never tried one before.... Thank you for the link to the Tamar Alder interview - 'twas good reading.

  6. I like your lacy photograph, of the trees. So pretty.

    I am such a fan of eggs and often order them poached, but rarely make them poached myself. I ate a hard boiled egg today. Those are easy. It was nice, but a poached might have been better. I'll have to try Deb's technique.

  7. It's quite rare to have poached eggs here. I like a sunny-side egg with a half hardened yolk. Fortunately I have never been found guilty of poaching eggs. hahaha

  8. oh, this set is just magical!

    i'm in awe of poached eggs - perhaps i should give it another try... :)

    p.s.: thank you!

  9. Love all of this photos and the colors.

    Happy day!

  10. love these photos -- they're so dreamy. also, poached eggs are my favorite kind of eggs to make! welcome to the club! :)


  11. Love the sky in the last picture ! Poached eggs are so delicious but I have never tried yet...

  12. i love poached eggs! mine aren't the prettiest, but they are tasty :)

    love the pretty pictures as always.

  13. Funny, I too learned how to poach an egg not too long ago, but I still don't always get it right. But, of course, difficult things always taste better :) And thanks for the link to No Penny for Them; I hand't come across it before and think it is amazing.

  14. love that first photo ! Happy Easter dear lady !!

  15. I'm an anxious cook. I should be trying anything in the kitchen, just to get me in it.

    Lovely, soft and peaceful photos. I am in love with these.