For me, the camera is a sketch book, an instrument of intuition and spontaneity.
~Henri Cartier-Bresson

The photographs above were taken on a jaunt to the library.  I was pretty excited to see the Led Zeppelin reference.  It's the little stuff for sure.

5 good things:
~Photographs by Fiona Hall
~Andrew Bird: Fever Year Trailer
~Grandparents Objects - Self Devised Assignment by Elliott Hatherley
~Food Rules: An Eater's Manual by Michael Pollan & illustrated by Maira Kalman
~The New York State Museum: Willard Asylum Suitcase Project by Jon Crispin & NPR article

These ladies are on repeat a lot these days:
Music of the Day = Wild Flag on npr

camera: pentax k1000


  1. wonderful black and whites! love the stairway to heaven :-)

  2. I love all the shots - wonderful b / w photos. The staircase is cool.

  3. I love the message on the stairs! That is awesome!

  4. I love "the camera is a sketch book". Definitely so, for me. And yes, it is the little stuff. You do both so well.

  5. What beautiful shots! I love the first one. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  6. it is the little stuff. these are such great compositions, i really love the last shot. and the quote is so perfect.

  7. stairway to heaven

    ah super cool

  8. lovely photos. they capture fall and dare I say it-the library perfectly.

  9. Oh, so good black and whites. I've been thinking to shoot some again, I'll do it, your images are doing me good. :)

  10. amazing images!!! hope you had a great weekend!

  11. sometimes i stay away awhile, just for the joy of returning to bounty.

    this was beyond bounty.

    why do we never see fall leaves in black and white?

    and the Stoddard and Montgomery and Dahl words were gems, all three. recorded in pen, here, to come back to, over and over.

    happy fall to you, alexandria

  12. Love the first one. The smooth lines with the texture of the leaves is great!

  13. Stairway to heaven - how perfect, it makes me want to run around to the various starways around here and decorate them a little ;-)