rainy autumn

Thank you dear readers for sharing what you like about Autumn in the previous post.  It's been brilliant reading your words.  I've been thinking a lot about seasons and moments lately.  The way simple aspects stick with us.  One particular poem (listed below) comes to mind.  It beautifully features simplicity along with those tiny details we notice or remember sometimes.

The Simple Truth
by Phillip Levine

Some things
you know all your life. They are so simple and true
they must be said without elegance, meter and rhyme,
they must be laid on the table beside the salt shaker,
the glass of water, the absence of light gathering
in the shadows of picture frames, they must be
naked and alone, they must stand for themselves.

Song of the Day = Gold by Delay Trees

camera: polaroid mio


  1. Oh, beautiful. Your photograph and the poem.

  2. Lovely photo and poem! I like it.

    Have a good time!

  3. great.
    love simplicity of both, photo and the poem.

  4. What a beautiful poem. It is so lovely especially when paired with your gorgeous photo.

  5. Simple and straightforward thoughts. Lovely

  6. What a beautiful nostalgic photo.