a list

Things that are tops to me (in no particular order and possibly forgetting something...):
1. love
2. hugs
3. smiles
4. loyal friendships
5. a funny joke
6. learning a fact
7. absorbing a good book
8. creating something
9. clouds & trees
10. balloons
11. the little things
12. homemade food
13. shooting photographs
14. peace
15. a song that must be repeated
16. biking & walking
17. finding a treasure
18. napping
19. poetry
20. letters
21. giving gifts
22. spending time with loved ones
23. exploring
24. train rides
25. simplicity & balance

Today wasn't so great, but making this list has brightened my mood considerably.  It looks like number 11 is working it's magic on me.

p.s. Thank you dear readers for your comments recently.  I'm always so glad to hear from you.

camera: polaroid spectra


  1. Wonderful list! I hope that today will be better for you.

  2. maybe I should make a little list of happy things to :)

    have a wonderful day!!! xxx

  3. i've never tried writing a list like that, but i gues it could work for me too.
    yours has a lot of things i adore, like walking, train rides and exploring... those instantly make me happy

  4. that's one fine list. and thank you for the opportunity to know you better :)
    the loyal in loyal friendships is something i'm very sensitive to.
    wishing lots & even more of all these !

  5. the perfect list indeed.
    in you know what: it also seems to work by extension - my day wasn't great and reading it made me feel much better!

  6. i fine list.
    there are many days
    i could use to make
    such a list.
    it is

  7. What a simple happy list! Made me smile :-)

  8. I'm glad this list has brightened your mood. *hugs* I like to think of things that make me happy when I'm sad too. Here is some of my list.
    -summer nights
    -books you slip into like warm baths.

  9. Such a sweet list. I couldn't agree more.

  10. Lists of happy things! It's my cure for bad moments too... Today -although i had a great time- i'd say: friends / clouds / Paris / travel / drawing /reading (Tolstoï right now) / my goddaughter / tidy house to live in / tons of light &... i could go on for ever... But sending you my smile from Paris *** And wishing you great days and nights ahead*

  11. Reading your list made me smile.

  12. Oh oh ohhhh! Wonderful list, but what caught my eye is what you're listening to (sidebar): The Tallest Man on Earth!!! I love his music -- he is so talented!

  13. i adore your list and this photo. perfection.

  14. Lovely list, which makes them very happy. I hope your days are better again?

  15. Boy did I need to see this today. Is something in the air here? I just felt down.

    I think I might make my own list now though, thank you for inspiring me and I'm glad you feel better! :)

  16. what a sweet list this is.

  17. list are so powerful. I love using them to remember the little things! Hope your weekend is going well.

  18. I hope your days since have been as perfect as this list! xx

  19. a very good list indeed - I hope things have improved for you. Take care, Annie x

  20. love this list, very similar to mine :)

  21. Beautiful photo and list