blue eventide

'Tis almost fairy time.
~William Shakespeare

These longer days of light are pretty great.  There have been more walks than ever and of course a pile of enjoyable reading.  A few months back Nancy Pearl (a Seattle Librarian) recommended a book titled When Wanderers Cease to Roam by Vivian Swift.  It quickly was added to my library hold list.  Sometimes I love a good surprise and that's exactly what occurred upon flipping through this title for the first time.  Vivian shares a year of journaling with each chapter representing a month detailed with stories, facts, memories, quotes, sketches, embroderies, watercolours and more. This is the kind of book you don't want to end, but even better it's also the kind of book that can be read again and again. 

Side note:  A 2nd book in the works by Vivian is That Damn France Book.

camera: pentax k1000


  1. Wow! Wonderful photograph!

  2. I wonder if Vivian is itching to travel again, yet.

  3. Love how the background formed patterns. Very interesting

  4. i'm very convinced that a fairy will zip through this beautiful photo at any moment.

  5. I love your quote. so whimsical!

  6. What a utterly lovely photo - the colouring is wonderful. The Vivian Swift sounds (and looks) enchanting. Re the Bill Cunningham doc - I think you will enjoy it. It has left me thinking quite a bit about life, upbringing, choices, beliefs etc. I also saw Beginners recently which has compounded my reflections. Have you seen it?

  7. Gorgeous photo and the perfect quote for it. It makes me smile so much.

    Also, the book you mentioned sounds really wonderful! I think I shall have to check out my local library and see if they have it. :)

  8. Anne: Thank you!

    Denise: I'm guessing she is. It seems that travel bug never leaves once caught.

    Howard: Definitely the fun thing nature does.

    Liz: Yes, yes!

    amanda jane: Thanks!

    Elsa May: I plan on seeing the Bill Cunningham doc for sure. I haven't heard of Beginners...will look up today.

    Ashley: I hope you do!

  9. I love your book recommendations. I am adding this to my library/wishlist queue.

  10. how beautifully you captured the light (and what a perfect pairing, again, with that quote).

    will check out that link!

  11. Oh, this photo just grabs me - it has a painted watercolors feel to it x

  12. what an incredible photo! the colours, the patterns!
    thank you so much for your sweet sweet comments on my blog and those wonderful inspirational photo's on pinterest. hope you're well!

  13. Thanks for the book idea. I just found "When Wanderers Cease to Roam" from the library." It's a wonderful idea to look at where you live as a destination you wish to explore...

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