hello may

May has brought days of reading outside, more walks about town, and eating lots of fruit and salads.  If you have any suggestions on how to make a great salad, I'd love to hear.  Happy Wednesday.

camera: polaroid mio


  1. walnuts and dried cranberries and feta cheese are always my favorite additions to salads (:

  2. i like my vegetables cut in little cubes (the israeli way) and to mix the texture (hard with the carrot and the cucumber, soft with avocado and the tomato.
    i love also the italian salads: i usually have some ruccola or spinach good tomatoes, mushroom, mozzarella and fresh basil.

  3. I agree with Sarah above! Trail miz (sans chocolate) works too!

  4. The greatest salads I've had were rather simple. Lettuces from the garden. A tomato right off the vine. A cucumber hidden under a leaf. The last of the spring onions. Always extra virgin olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt and pepper. I miss this salad. Hurry up Summer!

  5. Beautiful image. Here is a great salad post for you to peruse: http://www.teaandcookiesblog.com/2010/06/a-pep-talk-for-wilted-salad-makers.html

  6. hello may! i think it's going to be a good one. i always like a tomato, basil, mozzarella salad in the summer. i really like pears in my salad lately, with homemade croutons. i love aged balsamic vinegar and that marries especially well with tomato, basil, mozzarella.

  7. I like in the summer cold noodle salad with cherry tomatoes, rucola and basil, mozzarella and olive oil (and lots of garlic and salt and pepper of course).

    Have a godd week!

  8. i love simple salads with a bit of sprouts and fresh avocado. I am so excited for may and reading outside, too.

  9. I usually make this one : spinach, mozarella, peaches, pine nuts, oliv oil, balsamic vinegar. So fresh.

  10. I have been pretty much obsessed with Japanese sesame (goma) mayo, not sure if you can get it over there. Lovely photo!

  11. Get the lemon tahini dressing from sunlight vegetarian cafe on roosevelt! It's SOOO GOOD.

    Happy spring!

  12. I just discover your blog
    Really love it, very inspiring!

  13. there is nothing like a good salad - last night we had arugula and shaved parmesan with a dash of balsamic vinegar - a perfect accompaniment to chicken with lemon and rosemary. I hope you have a lovely weekend and that the sun continues to shine for you!

  14. i even love the shadow of the street sign in this photo it is so good!

    this weekend we had red, green and yellow tomatoes with cucumber and onion soaked in vinegar with a hint of freshly chopped cilantro. it was AMAZING.

  15. such is spring!
    love it :)

  16. oh i always
    wanted a mio!
    i love summer
    i tend to
    make them like
    a meal.
    my fav:
    fried tofu,
    red peppers,
    sesame ginger
    ps i owe you
    a postcard
    and haven't

  17. I'm currently addicted to putting strawberries and apples into my salads with raspberry vinaigrette. All of the other ingredients are free for all! I'm glad that we're finally experiencing friendly Spring weather!

    Find a blog present here!

  18. i have lovely memories of a moroccan salad i once had on holiday in lisbon: grated carrots with sliced tomatoes and very thinly sliced red onions, dressed with lemon, olive oil, salt and pepper.

    i also had a great recipe for a thai glass noodle salad that i can't find, will have to source on on the net.

  19. i love savory and sweet in my salads - so goat cheese bits, apples, pears, dried cranberries, cashews, along with the greens. then a balsamic dressing. i also love corn, black beans and a mexican style salad with bits of grilled chicken.

  20. hello there.
    it's looking so beautiful here.
    ... a bit of roasted corn, avocado, sun dried tomatoes+ i love adding a bit of pepper sauce to my dressings.
    ; )