Not what we have
But what we enjoy,
constitutes our abundance.

This week has been quite distracting with pieces of bad news that swooped in quickly.  It definitely threw me for a loop of highs and lows... but thankfully, there is the bright side of train travel soon and visiting a close friend in Portland.  Friends make such a sweet difference in our lives.

Some good stuff:
~book lights
~the life adventurous
~3191 Quarterly: Winter 2011
~winter hikes by Maggie of Folkloric
~back to the future by Irina Werning
~Friday by tim robison of thats just it photo

Song/Video of the Day = Open Season by High Highs

camera: pentax k1000


  1. they do!!! had a messy week myself and wouldn't have made it through it without my friends. have fun in Portland :)

  2. first of all...amazing photograph.
    second of all, thank you for your help with the polaroid advice. I'm excited to try it out now. I'll have to fill you in on the results. :)

  3. Hope all is well, Alexandria (or that it will be soon).

  4. Oh, your week does not sound good. I hope you it's still good. And I wish you a great weekend!

  5. You find the most perfect quotes. Sorry to hear about those pieces of bad news. It seems you are taking them in stride. Take care, Denise

  6. Boo for bad news! I hope your weekend helps turn that around. And glad you enjoyed my hiking photos... :)

  7. I hope the weekend makes up for the bad week. :)
    Have a lovely one, Alexandria.

  8. oh dear i hope your week hasn't been too awful - sometimes bad news sneaks in from behind and tosses one all over the place... so nice that you have things to look forward to... take care and have a lovely weekend, annie

  9. i loved seeing that word here. it is a word that is close to my heart and one i chose for this year. to live abundantly, embracing what life brought me- both the joy and the pain, knowing they are equally valuable.

    enjoy that visit with your friend~!

  10. Glad to hear you'll be with friends soon. Hope everything works out.

  11. Hope everything will be better soon. Or is already better.

  12. oh, what a bummer about the bad news. may the tide turn quickly.

    p.s.: that quote is most wonderful and deep. -- also meant to say how much i enjoy your finds on pininterest, they've been brightening up some dreary days for me recently. thank you!

  13. I'm so sorry to read this. Bad news is always difficult to take.