The marvels of daily life are exciting.
~Robert Doisneau

Some of the things I love about this season are the twinkle lights, spending time with loved ones, salted caramel hot chocolate, books, smiles, giving, brisk walks, films, music, baking, traditions, and reflecting.

This is a neat, upbeat tune.
Song of the Day = Oh, It's Christmas by The Rosebuds

camera: pentax k1000


  1. Excellent quote. I was in a bit of a mood today for some reason, but ended the day with a walk in the rain and life feels nice again. I'm loving many of the things you've noted here, but I've never tried a salted caramel hot chocolate. What a treat.

  2. Merry christmas to you aswell! :)

  3. love your pics. as always :) so gentle.

  4. these photos are just perfect. the red is just incredible and the snow is still intact!

    salted caramel hot chocolate...I must find some of that here :)

  5. i love books too....my hubby just got a new ipad and i said no way would i let him books on there....books have to made with paper to be a book...i'm so mean like that :)

  6. Doisneau was so right.
    Merry Xmas !

  7. very soft sculpture.
    The red warm the snow without melting it.
    Really sensitive image.

  8. I love your photos and quotes. I honestly always feel inspired after visiting your blog. That quote was just what I needed as I've started to feel quite bored lately! haha :)

    Happy holidays!

  9. oh gosh, all of those things you listed are the best this time of year. the lights get me every time though, i wince when i take them down.

  10. the song sounds very good. And your photos are perfekt for the christmas time. I like it. And I love those things you listed, it's a wonderful time.

  11. Stunning contrast of colours, love the quote and little song :) ps one of the best things about blogging is getting photos like these from across the globe (summer time here in Australia)

  12. hi friend,
    i love the quote ; )
    happy holidays.