The acoustics of this season are different and all sounds, no matter how hushed, are as crisp as autumn air.  ~Eric Sloane

This past weekend many cookbooks were pulled off the shelf to decide what recipes to make for Thanksgiving.  I'd like to cook something French style this year from Dorie Greenspan's new book Around My French Table.  What will you be cooking or eating?

Song of the Day = Woods by White Pines

camera: polaroid land camera 340 


  1. my mom's recipe for cornbread chicken and dressing, ham and turkey, baked sweet potatoes, green beans, and squash casserole. yum

  2. beautiful pictures love. I think I might be going on a mini road trip with Andre for thanksgiving so I don't think I'll be doing any cooking, but I'm wishing you good luck on yours, a french style thanksgiving sounds very lovely.

  3. No thanksgiving in Denmark but I'll be thinking of you :-)

  4. what a great depiction of how the nights come sooner and the trees become barer. it's such a familiar stillness whenever winter begins to rear its' head.

    hope you're well. :)

  5. That 's not exactly the same thanksgiving in France...
    About cooking
    I'll eat this :

    And drink that :


  6. I was intrigued by last Wednesday's Dining section in The New York Times. I saved it. There was a Marilyn Monroe stuffing recipe, stewed chestnuts with ricotta, Brussels sprouts with Thai chilies and maple syrup, and turkey breast coated in roasted garlic-honey purée. It all looked so good. A French, Dorie Greenspan inspired, Thanksgiving dinner would be fabulous! I hope you'll share what you decide to do. Exciting.

  7. i just have to say i love your blog. something about it being so soothing & calm. i'm very excited about the holidays....i'm liking what denise, above, wrote.

  8. On Sunday I made buckwheat noodles using the poweder just harvested this autumn. It has nice flavour.

  9. Ah, sweet autumn, you can't fault it.

  10. Your November looks very pretty. And sounds, they indeed become more crisp now.

    Happy cooking and thank you for being part of my small winter game!

  11. no thanksgiving here but I had a lot of lemon poppy seed cake lately. with a good cup of earl grey. classic but so efficient !

  12. Char: That is a feast indeed, nice!

    Kim: A road trip sounds so perfect. I hope you and Andre have a good adventure.

    Ida: Thank you, and I loved your recent posting of a walk with your parents. Autumn rings true in those photos.

    Lili: It seems each year I look forward to Autumn and then as the leaves fall and I can see the outline of the trees, I realize how much I enjoy that as well. Winter will be just as lovely I believe.

    Valéry: Haha, good stuff.

    Denise: I was so intrigued when you described the New York Times article that I looked it up and it looks so amazing! Once I finally decide on the recipes I'll share what I'm cooking for that day for sure...and then of course I get to look forward to finding new recipes for Christmas.

    taylor: I know what you mean. I think the excitement has hit early for me and I've been listening to holiday music for a couple of weeks already.

    rc: What a delicious meal it must of been! It's good to hear from you, friend.

    gracia: I quite agree!

    Anna Emilia: Thank you and I'm too enjoying seeing photos from this time year in your area of the world. What beauty!

    Marion: And may I add so elegant. Tea is so good. Lately I've been drinking more Vanilla Chai tea.

    amanda jane: Thank you!

  13. it's been years that i had a thanksgiving dinner in berlin with an american friend. it's such a beautiful, meaningful holiday - and the food! hope you are having a wonderful time on thursday!