Beauty is not caused.  It is.
~Emily Dickinson

I love the graceful outline of branches during the day and the twinkle lights at night highlighting the trees.  It's dazzling to see.  

This week I'm making stockings with snowflakes made out of felt.  My fingers are crossed that my sewing machine skills are still intact enough to pull this project off.  What homemade things or gifts are you making for the holidays?

p.s. Pinterest is hard to resist, so I joined the fun and made an inspiration pinboard.

camera: polaroid mio 


  1. Love the photo.

    And the quote.

  2. i wish i had some sewing skills! as i don't, i'm making lots of cookies, hot fudge sauce, beeswax and soy candles and bath salts! Good luck with the stockings!

  3. this is really eerie but cool!

  4. I love how soft the trees look here!
    Oh, I am guilty this year. not handmade gifts this year. The best I can do is to buy handmade for others.

    Pinterest is so fun!

  5. Thank you! And nice with stockings!

  6. I want to make little crocheted stars to give away : )
    good luck with the stockings !

  7. love the quote and the photo.. just too pretty

  8. I've knitted a couple of hats so far, not sure if I'll get everything on my crafty list done in time though!

  9. i am loving all of your tree/leaf images. wow. :::

  10. The trees look as if they've fallen on their backs into the snow in preparation for snow angels.

  11. this photo is just magic (don't i use this adjective a lot about your photos?) and just made it to my pinboard;)

  12. it's so great to see you at pinterest !

  13. I love this photo. I love the way trees look at he beginning of winter it is really romantic. P.S.I really want to make some granola. I am trying to make a bunch of scarves but not getting too far on that project.

  14. I've been putting off getting started on pinterest...because you're right, it's hard to resist! Everything on there is just so lovely.

    As for homemade things - I'm mostly just knitting hats and scarves, as usual : )

    That photo is very pretty - you're really good at capturing the dark beauty of nature.

  15. I'll be making some apple butter for my friends, it will make them happy, can't wait :)

    great photo!

  16. the branches look so soft and the light looks so lovely in this photo.

    will be making zippered pouches and handmade cards for this season :)

  17. Bruce: Thank you!

    Jenn: How thoughtful to make beeswax and soy candles. I bet they will be lovely.

    hannah: It does seem like it could fit in October as well.

    Celine: I love that you are still taking the time to get homemade gifts, that counts for sure.

    Magda: You're welcome and thanks!

    Lotte: Stars are the best, so pretty!

    Barbara: Thank you so much.

    Ida: You are ahead of most already having a few done...I am certain they are beautiful with the way you knit.

    tifanie: Thank you, I wondered if I was going overboard with the trees and should rename this blog to be a tree one! It's great to have feedback.

    Tracy: Your imagination is so wonderful. Your words tickle me each time.

    Elisabelle: Thank you for the honour. I'm glad to be following you on pinterest.

    Marion: I feel the same about you too!

    keishua: What a grand idea to make granola. It would look so yummy in glass jars tied with a ribbon. Good luck!

    Valery: I'm glad you like it!

    allison: You have an awesome talent to be able to knit hats and scarves. I have yet to learn and keep meaning to sign up for a class. I'd love to see what you come up with if you ever signed up for pinterest.

    M.: Splendid idea! I like how you think.

  18. tanya: Your zippered pouches are so gorgeous and paired with your cards...it'll be beautiful indeed!

  19. i love that photo. i don't have any crafting planned for christmas, but maybe i should do something. you've inspired me! : ) good luck w/ the sewing.

  20. i am in love with this picture. i thought my eyes were losing it :) so amazing. how did you do that. love it.

  21. the quote and the picture, very fitting+beautiful

  22. really splendid. you've captures winter perfectly!

    xo Alison

    p.s. the "snow" is adorable!

  23. This is such a lovely image. So far, I have three hand knit scarves in the works for three different people. I haven't been able to think beyond the three, yet. I'm enjoying your snow.

  24. ah Ms Dickinson was so right - hope your stockings are coming along nicely. Love the image - aren't trees even more beautiful when they have no leaves....