Every leaf speaks bliss to me,
Fluttering from the autumn tree.
~Emily Bronte

Yesterday, I looked across the street and loved finding a tree shimmering with golds and oranges.

A huge thank you! to all the responses on the previous book post.  Your choices were so varied and wonderful.  I could feel excitement and passion for the titles given.  It is truly a treat to read your words and now I have a list of books on order.

Recently enjoying:
~it's raining... by J├Ârdis!
~Grandma's Town by May
~day at the beach, wash out by egmv
~Le Apartomatic (60) directed by Roman Coppola & co-directed by Wes Anderson

camera: polaroid mio


  1. so beautiful.
    i love sunny fall days.

  2. beautiful photo! I miss fall. here in London the trees don't really change colour. I have a tree outside my window, but it looks like it is just slowly dying. there is beauty in this, too, but I sometime wish we had a more colourful fall...


  3. yes the fall colours are the best!
    I'm glad you like my post!!

  4. Your quotes always breath a little extra life into my evening. Thank you for choosing them so carefully, and thoughtfully.

  5. I went around my town to look for golden leaves lately, but didn't really find any :(
    I'm envious of your pretty views.

  6. The big old oak tree outside my window and across the way is now tipped with yellow green, new growth for spring.

  7. Celine: I agree with you completely!

    Petra: As much as I love Autumn, I still love trees in all the seasons. Your tree sounds like a beautiful wintery one.

    Char: Thank you!

    May: It's a very special story you tell, I loved it.

    molly: I feel the same about each of your posts...thoughtful and beautiful every time.

    M.: My fingers are crossed that those views will come your way soon.

    Veronica: That sounds so so pretty. Thank you for painting that picture.

    Barbara: Thank you!