The other evening, J. and I had a picnic at Gas Works Park. The spread consisted of turkey hummus sandwiches, apple slices and nutella on graham crackers. We ate under an umbrella, but were given a wonderful surprise of sunshine for our walk afterwards.

A few things I've enjoyed recently:

camera: polaroid spectra


  1. sounds like a perfect way to spend some time with your loved one :)

  2. Rain is the theme for me today. This post is very appropriate. Your photos have a Wizard of Oz feel to them, I think. I'm expecting the tin man to pop his head out at any minute and start dancing squeakily across the lawn.

  3. Love picnics and love Gas Works Park, that's where I go to fly my kites :)

  4. wow those skies!

    maybe i should do as you - just have a picnic no matter what, instead of waiting for picnic weather...

  5. sounds just perfect :)

  6. Apple slices and nutella on graham crackers? Mmm mmm! I bet it was nice to experience the beauty of a picnic in the rain, but then still be able to stroll in the sun.

  7. OMG! these are just amazing....dark, moody...really beautiful...

    picnic in the rain, apples and nutella...
    so romantic


  8. Why are all the awesome places in Seattle??

  9. What a cool and interesting location.

  10. Picnic with sandwiches reminded me of the fairy tale: Little red riding hood. Didn't you meet a wolf hiding in a big tube?

  11. beautiful images! the picnic sounds wonderful :)

  12. Sounds wonderful! I am a huge fan of apples and nutella but I've never tried them on graham crackers, that is definitely going on my to-try list.

  13. oh wow...what beautiful photographs! your blog is simply delightful!

  14. Tanya: It was for sure!

    Tracy: It hadn't occurred to me how much Gas Works Park does have a Wizard of Oz theme until you pointed out. I like that...and funny enough Seattle has the nickname The Emerald City.

    Courtney: How cool! Kite flying is awesome and such a wonderful idea.

    kristina: Yes I hope you do! I think even having a picnic indoors is fun.

    Anna: It was a lovely evening indeed.

    Denise: I admit it was nice to have the variety...things change so quickly weather wise here.

    M.: I'm so glad you liked them! The clouds were putting on a show.

    aipingplum: There are some great places here, but I do also love getting to other states and countries to see the beauty there as well.

    Des: I never tire of visiting there, it's quite a neat park.

    rc: Eep! Thank goodness we didn't see the Big Bad Wolf! Perhaps we ate our dinner fast enough that he left us alone. ;)

    wishful nals: Thank you!

    Megan: Fingers crossed you like it as well! Sometimes it's nice to add apple slices to sandwiches too.

    Lulu: Thank you so much and for visiting!

  15. Your photos are poetic <3