It was such a good weekend...very blustery, clear skies, and the sun made quite the appearance.

Recently, I've had a thing for photographs of bridges. I love the angles, long pathways, arches, simple or ornate details, views of water and the majestic feel they give.

These photos 1, 2, and 3 by Mark Likosky are so worth a look. The light is incredible.

camera: polaroid spectra


  1. pretty amazing work of mark likosky!!!!
    thanks for sharing.

  2. it was pretty beautiful wasn't it? : )

  3. wow! your blog is beautiful. you are a really amazing photographer and i appreciate seeing which cameras you're using too - very interesting to see the differences!
    i also love the quotes here and there.
    thanks for sharing such beauty with the world. AND thanks for the comment on my pillow ;)

    all the best, sarah b.

  4. thanks for suggesting Mark Likosky. he definitely captures light in an extraordinary way. I love how you've cropped the Spectra photos in this series. they look like they were produced by different camera entirely when they don't have their borders. have a lovely week! :)

  5. Elisabelle: My pleasure, he's got a good eye for capturing the sunlight.

    allison: Yes, completely!

    Sarah: I have been thinking of making pillows for my couch, so when I saw yours it really gave me some good ideas. It's so enjoyable reading both of your blogs and seeing your lovely photographs.

    Lili: Secretly I love the borders on Polaroids, but to save time it's a little easier to crop them off instead of scanning them perfectly. Perhaps I'll return to showing their cool borders here and there!