good things

It's been such a good, sweet day with more to come this evening. One of the things I love especially is visiting our blogging community. There is so much positive energy, sharing of stories and life, and of course all the wonderful photographs. Happy Wednesday to each of you!

Currently, I'm in awe of this Polaroid by Mikael Kennedy.

p.s. On the 8th of June, Twistable, Turntable Man: a musical tribute to the songs of Shel Silverstein will be released. The list of artists who participated is pretty impressive.

camera: polaroid spectra


  1. Love the gorgeous leaves on the trees.

  2. hey you : )
    your photos are soothing to my soul.
    and june 8th is marked on my calendar.

  3. that second shot is so gorgeous. I agree about the blogging world - I was feeling a little down and perked up right away after reading a few posts.

  4. I love the vintage quality of your photos lately. It led me to look at old photos of my family. Same coloring in some of those photos. It now seems so present, like yesterday. Nice reflections.

  5. beautiful beautiful shots

  6. Oops I'm a little late, happy Thursday! : )

  7. Courtney: It seems they've outdone themselves yet again this year!

    Christina: I'm so glad you like them and it's exciting to hear you bought Alice's book...you're going to love it.

    Hannah Sadie: Thank you! and I know just what you mean for sure.

    Tracy: That sounds like a lovely way to spend some time. Old photographs are the best.

    Char: Thank you!

    allison: Happy Thursday to you too!

  8. I visited your link to the Shel Silverstein project. He wrote A Boy Named Sue? Amazing! I had no idea. You always have the most interesting bits to share with us. Thank you.