meandering part 1

Southwest of downtown Seattle is the wonderfully old neighborhood Pioneer Square. It was so much fun collecting these photographs on a walk there and visiting a friend at Elliott Bay Book Company before they move to the Capitol Hill area.

Last month I had the opportunity to attend The Magnetic Fields amazing concert and recently I found out about the film Strange Powers: Stephen Merritt and the Magnetic Fields...it looks so good. Happy Friday and Happy Spring tomorrow!

camera: polaroid spectra


  1. looks good! such a nice mood.

    will check out your music links soon (at the moment sitting at a café with music playing in the background - which is a really nice change to weeks with a more than tight schedule. phew. i'm officially working here, of course.)

  2. I love Pioneer Square also and feel so lucky to work here! I will miss Elliot Bay when it moves, but I heard the coffee shop is staying around, so that's nice. I like your photo of the ivy on the Grand Central building. Did you go inside and have a sandwich or soup? If not, definitely check them out in the future. Their soup is heaven on a cold day.

  3. fantastic shots - i can remember visiting pioneer square but didn't have my camera with me. you showed it beautifully.

  4. these are gorgeous... love the fuzziness...

  5. kristina: That sounds like the best way to spend some time. I like how you think.

    Megan: I didn't!, but now I definitely will find some time to go back and eat there. It's a part of the city that I forget sometimes and yet it's just waiting with wonderful gems tucked away. You work in a great part for sure.

    Char: Thank you! and perhaps you'll get another chance someday.

    Punctuation Mark: Polaroids are beauties with their colours and blur.

  6. these are such great shots. pioneer square was one of my favorite parts of seattle during my short stay. such good details there!

  7. makes me
    miss seattle.
    laguna pottery
    is one of