hello sun

With the all the good weather lately, a wee visit to the Japanese Garden was in order. Lots of turtles and ducks were making appearances as they swam and basked in the sunshine.

I love the gorgeous Polaroids recently posted as doors of montmartre by gwen of bugheart.

Song of the Day = Spring is Here by John Coltrane

camera: polaroid spectra


  1. love the song. i've been in a jazz fix lately also. the sunny polaroids look so...uplifting.

  2. Ahh, the Japanese Garden. I've spent hours sitting there. Love the brown hues in the second picture... and how lovely are ducks?!

  3. Perhaps we all have a little to learn from the turtles and ducks ; )

  4. Ducks! Outdoors! Sunshine! Yes to all three.

  5. Thats a great second shot. Happy Spring.

  6. Amazing! Your park has a lot of trees. I love the yellow blossoms.

  7. Char: This expired film has a way with blue for sure.

    Adam: Oh good...jazz is some of the best stuff.

    Tumbleweed Woman: Very lovely! I loved watching them.

    Denise: I like that!

    gracia: Yes so very much!

    Tim: Thank you and Happy Spring to you too!

    rc: I love the changes it makes each season and yet how beautiful the garden remains no matter what.