sunlight arriving

There's something about fog in the morning and the slow, gentle reveal of the city that I love seeing on a walk.

Recently, a friend passed along a lovely quote that has stuck with me for days: You make a life out of what you have, not what you're missing. ~The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton

Another good thing is Jenny Lee Fowler's artwork. The way she can use a piece of paper or a leaf is pretty amazing.

I'm also enjoying this sweet photograph by Allison from 24:00 a lot.

camera: polaroid spectra


  1. I really love heavy fog, it makes everything so peacefully still.
    this, is a great capture.

    I saw the stationary Tanya is making for you, it is absolutely stunning!

  2. i'm just discovering your fabulous blog* & want to say MERCI for the quote by Kate Morton, very acurate indeed...

  3. love the fowler link.
    makes me
    want to get
    my brother's stuff
    in a shop...
    he does
    fantastic cut-outs...
    love that photo
    by allison.

  4. I walked through some amazing morning fog yesterday--love it.

  5. Thank you for the link! : )
    I love that foggy morning picture? Where did you take it? My guess is somewhere around pike place market.
    Doesn't the forecast for this week look wonderful? : )

  6. I adore your polaroids!!!!

  7. You have a good friend.
    If you had found the word in a book by chance, you might have not been so impressed. I guess your friend's personality has deepened the meaning of it.

  8. Tracy: I like that.

    Celine: The stationary arrived today! I am so touched that she took the time to do this and what a surprise...they are beautiful.

    Juliette: It made me stop and ponder which sometimes makes the best kind of quote.

    bugheart: I fully agree, his art is truly wonderful and so detailed intricately.

    Denise: I know what you mean for sure...good stuff.

    Allison: So close!...I took it around 9th and Pike when I was walking towards downtown from capitol hill. And yay for the weather!

    Ida: Thank you!

    rc: I believe so. Sometimes it takes another pointing words out that make things more memorable.

  9. what an amazing picture! and thanks for the link to allison's picture, it really blew me away.
    a, if you were on flickr, i'd favorite this picture. (nudge nudge)

  10. Anna, I just saw this and I think you have since found me on flickr :)
    - allison