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Today I've been thinking about my friend Jung Suk in Korea especially because tomorrow is her birthday and I really hope she has a lovely day. In honor of her, I'd like to share one winter trip we took to the northern part of the city of Daegu to the Buddhist temple Donghwasa. I hope you enjoy these and Happy Sunday!

p.s. Thank you for all your thoughts and comments lately...I love hearing from all of you.


  1. i never knew you've been to korea! i miss it; even though i've only been there once for a short period of time. but i do love the contrast between the peaceful rural areas (as shown in your pictures here) and the busy city nightlife.

  2. so wonderful...
    i would
    love to visit

  3. Elegant and peaceful photos, a lovely tribute to a friend. I enjoyed this set very much.

  4. ahh! so jealous that you have been to korea! I really cannot wait to go one day! To see the country, eat the food, and meet Jin's family!!!

    happy birthday to your dear friend!

  5. here is the one thing that i want to say to you when i saw this posting. i don't know why, just.. i feel kinda.. "thank you". maybe i felt your mind about that korea travel and your feelings about that friend. those are so sweet. and i like those your sweetness so much!

  6. We miss you so much -jung suk from korea

  7. We miss you so much -from korea

  8. beautiful shots, the buddha especially is postcard-worthy.

  9. Good shots!! Great blog and job!!



  10. sarah: well said! It is nice to have the combo of city and rural.

    bugheart: I hope you can someday!

    Celine: I look forward to hearing when you do...I'm sure you'll love it!

    ara: I am very fond of the country and my friend and her family. It was a wonderful place to live.

    Jung Suk: I miss you guys too! -hug-

    P.K., gwen, Frank, and Jane: Thank you for your thoughts!

  11. I lived in Korea and this is bringing back some memories. Now I'm hungry for some dolsot bibimbap.