peering up

I wonder what the story is with the top photograph. Sometimes it's fun to be caught off guard. Seeing chairs and bed parts in a tree is some crazy clever recycling.

Thank you for all your thoughtful comments recently. As I read each one, it meant a great deal to me.

camera: polaroid spectra


  1. i bet those people with the chair tree are fun to hang out with! i always love seeing random trees with things in them. i've seen bottles and sneakers, but never chairs. wow. :::

  2. I suppose you could call the first photo 'high art'?

  3. That first one is pretty interesting. Maybe the chair is a lift up to certain parts of the tree. wouldn't that be fun.

  4. OH I do love the last one.
    Have you started a moveable feast ?? happy to know I motivated you to read it ! I loved it so much, Hemingway is one of my highschool and college crush...
    + I added your blog on my favourite's list !

  5. rc: Indeed, it's so great to be outside lately.

    tifanie: Yes for sure...I believe it was done by the owners of a yoga studio behind the tree.

    Tracy: I like that!

    Lili: That would be so fun, wonderful thought.

    Marion: I pulled it off the shelf last night as a reminder...thank you again!

  6. always wonderful pictures!
    hi alexandria! how have you been?

    i am in busan now. i think probably you have heard about here. anyway i really like your polaroid works! :)

  7. ara: I've had a good week, thank you! I hope you are having a great time in Busan and yes, I've visited there a few times and loved it especially Haeundae Beach.

  8. wow..great! my hometown is haeundae! i'm in my parents home now and my parents live haeundae beach! just amazing.. and you've visited here more than once? wow you are such a voyager!:) and i really really want to go your city, seattle someday..

  9. The top one is intriguing. I love catching glimpses of such things. I recall my father wanting to build a freestanding door in his front yard, just a door to nowhere.