lots of blooming pink

It nearly knocks my socks off that I'm seeing a tree in full bloom already.

Yesterday morning I realized I had neglected some bananas bought earlier in the week. While feeling a little guilty it suddenly occurred to me to make apple banana bread so nothing would go to waste. Quickly pulling out the ingredients and stirring it all together, a loaf was soon in the oven. After allowing the bread to cool, I wrapped it up and headed to the bookshop. Funny thing about our little bookshop is the bunch of mix-match bowls, spoons, forks and even...a bread knife! The weekend brings in some of the regulars that buy a book a week and it was even better to be able to share some homemade bread.

The characters (I like to call people characters sometimes as if they are in a story) that stopped by were Michael an old mathematician that purchases only science or history books and can explain any math equation that I unfortunately do not understand (one of these days maybe!)...he slides me a gray salt caramel as I listen, Erin the girl that loves a good piece of fiction including anything related to Jane Austen and often we lust after the new Penguin classics clothbound books, Richard Alexander with his deep voice eloquently summarizing obscure and known classic novels and has a soft spot for Jewish literature and anything from the NYRB collection, Bill Biddle the university professor/writer of a newspaper weather column always reads a poem out loud to me and loves anything to do with Homer, Kathleen the lady that fell in love with reading at a young age will dive into just about any genre and this time it was the nature section, Amelia with a big smile as she gathers up any good biography or cookbook and finally North who is beginning age 2 full of giggles and high-fives and loves to explore the book shop. I am grateful for these familiar faces as well as the new ones each day supporting indie bookshops.

A really wonderful read is this interview with Brian Ferry from the blue hour on ilovethatphoto.

Song of the Day = Owl Waltz by Seabear

camera: polaroid spectra


  1. ooooh great post. lovely photos. drooling over those clothbound books. great interview. i love brian ferry's work. have a peaceful week. :::

  2. I too, lust over those books. They are gourgeous.
    I saw them at a local bookshop the other day and was so tempted but I already own the Jane Austen Collection.
    I love the photos..there are no blooms here just snow.

  3. I can't believe yours are blooming already, ours are just started here [SF] and usually it's a good month or more before my sister's [up there] show up...such a strange winter.

    Have you been watching the new Masterpiece Theater production of "Emma"? We've just started, the lead actress is wonderful. It's all available for online viewing through the beginning of March.

  4. WOW that amazing that it already have flowers!! In Danmark we only have snow and ice!!

  5. tifanie: I hope you have a beautiful week too.

    Googlover: It seems each year we've been getting snow and this year is such the opposite with blooms so early...I bet your snow is so pretty.

    gwen: It's rather crazy seeing the blooms. I'm in hopes that there will still be some to bloom once spring really is here. I have indeed been watching the Emma series!!! The actress is wonderful and if you haven't seen I Capture the Castle...you'll love it as well for she plays the main character again.

    PROVINS: Wild stuff going on for sure, but I have missed receiving snow this year...maybe next!

  6. Oh lovely pictures alexandria!