random 7 + 1

Hannah Sadie tagged me to do a Random 7...so here goes!
  1. Collecting balloon photographs makes me smile a lot.
  2. I love watching people skateboard.
  3. Tomato basil soup is one of the best flavours in my book.
  4. I used to not like my freckles, but now I'm glad to have them on my nose and cheeks.
  5. Often I eat with chopsticks trying them out on all types of food.
  6. The positions tree and lotus flower are my favourites in yoga.
  7. I'll read almost any genre.
  8. I really like the number 8.
Song/Video of the Day = 1901 by Phoenix


  1. the tree is my favourite in yoga too... & same for skateboard... !! lovely week end to you !

  2. i love balloon photos too.
    i love watching people skateboard too.
    i wish i had freckles. my husband is covered with them, so there you go. he can't stand them, naturally. we always want what we don't have?
    i love eating with chopsticks too. sometimes i use my left hand, just because i'm right handed.
    i like the numbers 4 + 3.
    happy saturday!

  3. I so agree on number 1 (though I don't collect them ;-) )

  4. we just got back from a road trip and 1901 came on the shuffle *twice*. must be a 1901 day. ours is the DLID mix.

  5. Thanks! I love the added number eight and I'm definitely with you for number one :)

  6. I can't tell you enough how much I enjoy learning more about all of you too! This is good stuff.

  7. love these!

    never really thought about which number i like, hmm... have to ponder that one. :)