Trees are your best antiques.
~Alexander SmithThese Polaroids were taken in the front yard where I grew up in Oregon. I love how the oak trees are decorated with moss. As they continue to grow over the years, they also always remain steadfast and constant. It's like visiting long time friends and family.

Tiny Desk Concert = Lightning Dust


  1. Agreed! Trees are the best antiques :)

  2. Excellent post. Nature is a great reminder of our past. And how fortunate you are to have grown up in Oregon. What a beautiful location.

  3. I recently visited my childhood home. It had been years. I could not believe the large trees surrounding "my" house were the very same trees I once knew intimately. They'd grown so much. Trees are wonderful antiques. Your photographs capture your trees very well--they look grand and wise.

  4. Excellent quote! The oak trees are magnificent.

  5. Homemade swings hanging, hide and seek had, a fresh pile of leaves to be dived into, the feel of bark both wrinkled and smooth. Losing oneself in the world of branches and leaves towering into the sky. Yep...I love trees.

  6. Courtney: I'm glad you like the quote!

    Des: It seems nature does a great deal all around. I am fond of the area I grew up in.

    Denise: What kind of trees surround your childhood home? It sounds like you had a wonderful experience.

    Christina: Thank you!

    P.K.: Agreed!

    Tracy: I love your words...they are poetry.

    Marion: Oh good!

    A Life in Focus Photography: Yes for sure!