along the sidewalk

After work last night I paused to look at the all the twinkling lights outside the bookshop.

Song of the Day = Snowstorm by Galaxie 500


  1. Snowstorm is a great song. Thanks for posting this link.

  2. We're experiencing quite the blizzard here today. It's nice to see twinkling lights on trees...minus the snow and wind. The photo is so fuzzy and warm. A hot cocoa moment.

  3. I used to work for a family owned bookstore in my college days and my favorite time of year selling books was Christmas. That photo captures it perfectly!

  4. i love how they decorate the trees. so pretty. happy holidays dear alexandria.

  5. this is so pretty. ; ) i so want to visit that bookstore. wink.

  6. Des: A friend shared it with me last year and it just popped into my head to share!

    Tracy: It was indeed a hot chocolate moment. I am loving all your snow photographs.

    Courtney: Oh wonderful! I have to admit I rather enjoy selling books during this time of year. People are so nice and it's not a mall setting. Thank goodness!

    jane: I do too! Happy Holidays to you Jane!

    Christina: That would be awesome!