As the Autumn air began to arrive last Saturday, I went to Delancey for the first time with Anna, Jon, and Brian. We were ready to appreciate the incredible meal and I felt an anticipation like the Christmas mornings of my childhood. From the mixed matched simplicity and grace with photographs and candles to the friendly people working and all the countless little details in between, I took it in.

Each appetizer was delicious especially the bruschetta and cheese as well as the clams that were new on the menu that day. Two selections of pizza arrived and after tasting the margarita and padron styles, we were not disappointed in the least. For dessert the chocolate chip cookies with grey sea salt were divine.

The conversation flowed throughout the entire meal and it felt comfortable to sit, relax and enjoy. Delancey owner's Brandon and Molly are a class act and made the meal special and thoughtful with even a few visits to the table. As we parted company, I turned back and loved seeing the lights and people in the windows still taking in the cozy kitchen feel. I consider this to be the beginning of my many visits.


  1. Beautiful photos, they conveyed the cozy and homelike atmosphere. I so want to visit.

  2. yay!!! god, how i love that top photo. all of them, really. what a great evening it was :)

  3. The imagery and text are spot on. It reminds me of my Nona's kitchen back in Brooklyn.

  4. so wonderful -- great images to remember it by!

  5. yummm! chocolate cookies with salt! next time i'm in seattle, we'll have to go for dinner. lovely review...

  6. P.K.: I hope you get the opportunity to see for yourself!

    Anna: It was a good night had indeed!

    Xas: I love that it reminded you of your Nona's kitchen. It just has the perfect way about it. xo

    bferry: Thank you!

    Tauna: Deal! You're going to fall in love with place and food as I have.