around the city

The other day I found out about an older book titled Ooh-la-la (Max in Love) by Maira Kalman. I highly recommend a peek even if just for the artwork or the fact that it's based in the city of Paris. It has a very whimsical feel and keeps with the style of her other books. Maira's latest blog is And the Pursuit of Happiness. It's a treat!

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  1. hi there. great poloroids. makes me want to take out my camera... and thank you for the link to maira's blog. i hadn't seen that one before. makes you think, doesn't it? take care

  2. looove emiliana. she's great. great light and subject matter in this photo as well.

  3. that book looks wonderful! And the illustrations are so playful!

  4. you had me at paris. am going now. thanks!

  5. tifanie: I'm glad you know about Maira's blog now. She's really a gem. I do hope you take your camera out and get some shots. I've really enjoyed your holgas especially on your blog.

    Jenna: High five to loving good music! I enjoy your recs as well.

    Celine: I'm glad you like it! I hope she comes out with a book next year of her blog she's doing. Something to look forward to!

    jane: I hope you enjoy it very much!

  6. will make sure to check out these books - i'm off on holiday soon (yay!) and still need some more reading!

    you've got some really lovely pictures here!
    best from berlin, kristina

  7. Kristina: I don't think you'll be disappointed in her books in the least! :)