small moments

Yesterday I decided to pay a little more attention to what was good about my day. A few things stood out like the breeze coming in from an open window, being on time to catch my bus to the book shop, talking with a friend, eating a piece of chocolate, and watching a scene from the film Amélie.

The other thing on my mind is how today is especially fun at the book shop. All the book releases for tomorrow arrive. I dip into the boxes finding the new titles and it's just like getting presents! Even the smell of books is just lovely. My wish list is growing and it's definitely a happy Monday. Hoping the same for you too.

p.s. Love this!


  1. Love the little postcards. so sweet. pls feel free to come visit me at www.margaretpanpipes.blogspot.com !

  2. I think you have my dream job!!

  3. Margaret: Thank you for visiting!

    jane: I have to admit I do go to work happy to be there! It's cool you love books too.