a list

Another neighborhood shot and I just couldn't resist capturing a bicycle. *sigh* Love them! I've also been tagged by Celine at bonjour! So here goes:
~current obsession = reading recipes and cooking some of them
~currently wearing = cozy sweater, skirt, and knee highs
~naps = yes please! I wish it was daily...
~what makes me smile = flowers
~which tree would I be = japanese maple
~dinner = steamed broccoli and chicken with lemon tahini
~last thing purchased = 120 film
~listening to now = M. Ward - Hold Time
~favorite weather = a little windy with sun or rain
~on my bedside table = books, photographs, and scrabble
~to the person who tagged me = It's lovely getting to know you!
~dream house paid and anywhere = Amsterdam
~favorite vacation spot = too many to choose, so today is Kyoto
~can't live w/out = those closest to me, music, art, books, nature, food
~wish it was in my hands = a cookbook coming soon from a friend
~last movie I watched = Emma
~favorite tea flavor = green tea
~anywhere in the world for the next hour = New York
~hope to accomplish in 5 years = teaching full time at a school
~who would I like to get stuck in a lift with = Jon Stewart
~a cool crayon color = sky blue


  1. What are you cooking up tonight? I try to make things from recipe books too! But they come out wrong 50% of the time! But I have to keep trying right?
    it is so lovely getting to know you too!

  2. Tonight I've just been reading up on recipes, but this week I'm mixing it up and making homemade ice cream! I just need to decide on a flavor...so many choices! I love that you're not giving up on cooking. Part of it is finding your niche indeed. To me the most wonderful recipes are the simplest.

  3. homemade ice cream!!! That sounds divine! I should get some of your favorite recipes from you!